Crop Insurance in Yuma, CO and Sterling, CO

Licensed Multi-Peril and Crop-Hail Insurance Agency in multiple states

The farming and agricultural industry often involves risk and uncertainty. From unexpected natural disasters to major economic changes in the marketplace, many situations can affect the productivity of your agribusiness.

At PFS Insurance Group, we know that the success of your farm directly impacts the livelihood of you and your family. With the right Crop Insurance coverage, you can protect your business and keep your farm afloat through all of the difficult times. We provide crop insurance for Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska.

PFS Insurance Group offers several types of multi-peril and crop-hail programs from revenue protection, yield protection, APH plans, revenue accelerator programs, revenue plus, whole farm revenue protection, and many more available exclusive MP products.

PFS Crop-Hail offerings include many of the most basic hail programs, deductible plans, comprehensive plans, and the Crop-Hail production plans and an array of other options. 

We currently work with three different crop insurance leaders; Farmers Mutual Hail of Iowa, RCIS, and Rain and Hail.  Having the ability to examine our customer’s crop portfolio and match you with the right fit to achieve your goals and protect your investments is one of our many priorities. 

PFS is striving to become a leader with precision farming solutions available to streamline the acreage reporting, claims process, and production reporting.  This is an exciting program that we work closely with our carriers, and is at no extra cost to our customers that use precision technology.

You’ve poured years of hard labor and honest work into your agribusiness, and when times are tough, you’ll need an agency you can depend on. Talk to a crop insurance advisor at PFS Insurance Group to learn more about how Crop Insurance can help ensure the continued service of your farm for years to come.