Auto Auction Insurance in Fort Collins and Loveland, CO

Protecting Auto Auctions Against Risk

Care, custody and control of vehicles that are on auction premises, injuries, and property damage to owned auction property are all risks that you face as someone who runs auctions.  These and other risks can translate into significant costs for you and the auctions if not properly protected. Insurance protection is a critical component of any auction program, at PFS Insurance Group we have a complete auto auction insurance program which we tailor to individual client needs.

We have access to many markets for coverage and have insured auto auctions for years. We have an in-house auction insurance team who creates portfolios that ensure clients are properly covered.  In simple terms, we write policies and plans that reflect the needs of individual clients.  We’ll provide to you the best possible auto auction insurance protection, if you need basic coverages like property and general liability or you need endorsements and different forms of surety, we’ll help you.

Auto Auction Insurance Coverage Details for Auto Auctions in all U.S. States

Auto auction insurance is important business insurance; it provides protection and coverages including; property, general liability, inland marine, and commercial auto coverages. These and other coverages protect buildings, rented premises, transits, and commercial vehicles, respectively.  We offer these and other coverages, we also offer endorsements that provide coverage for employees, towing, and auto loans and leases.

We’ll help you select the right coverages for your auto auction.

The coverages from which you can choose include but are not limited to: 

  • Property insurance
  • Commercial general liability
  • Inland marine insurance
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Garage insurance
  • Bonds

Experienced, Client-Focused Agents Keeping you and your Auction Operation Secure

We know that protecting auto auctions can be challenging, this is one reason why we take a hands-on and detailed approach to insuring auto auctions.  We assist clients’ in identifying their risks needs through consultations, risk analyses, and on-site inspections. Once we know and understand the clients’ needs, we the client select the coverages that best address those risks.

We work with our insurance carriers and industry partners in order to make sure that we are current with market needs.  We regularly and closely monitor the policies and plans that we write in order to make sure that we provide required coverages; that coverages are current; and that clients’ rates are competitive.  We include clients in monitoring processes whenever possible so the clients not only fully understand their purchases but also are cognizant of needs for changes to coverages.

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At PFS Insurance Group we’re proud to provide auto auction insurance across the U.S.